Homemade Bodywash and Shampoo
Our bodywash and shampoos contain all natural ingredients that are full of vitamins and minerals that nourish our skin which help to revitalize and rejuvenate while leaving it soft and smooth with a natural glow.

All Natural  Lotion

made with Collagen & Vitamins A,C,E

Luxurious all natural lotion made with the finest ingredients that will moisturize your skin all day.  Nourishes as it seals in moisture to heal and protect very dry, sensitive skin.



 Reverse the time with
   Essentially Divine

All Natural Aloe & Shea Body Moisturizer
​Aloe heals while Shea  butter has the ability to soothe, renew and transform your skin to a smoother, silkier feel.  It provides extra moisture, vitamins, nutrients, and protection your skin needs during the cold season and summer months.


“I can't believe how wonderful and amazing this product had my skin and feet feeling smooth after using the body butter and foot cream for two weeks.”

-Jamie Smith

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